Medical Interpreters & Translators

Experienced Local Interpreters & Translators for Medical Services at Hospitals, Clinics, Specialists, Dentists and Physical Therapy. Over 85 Spoken Languages, plus ASL American Sign Language. 

We offer in-person (face to face) Spoken Language and American Sign Language (ASL) Medical Interpreters to assist in all Medical settings. Our Medical Translators are utilized in Hospitals, Clinics, Primary Care Physicians’ Offices, Rehab Facilities, Nursing / Elder Care Homes, and Dental and Specialists’ Offices. Medical Interpreters facilitate effective communication between Medical Staff and Patients for:

  • Emergency Department (ER / ED)
  • Doctor Appointments / Follow Up
  • Medical Procedures (Inpatient and Outpatient)
  • Pre-Op and Post Op Appointments
  • Operations /  Surgeries
  • Physical Therapy
  • Home Health Care
  • Nursing / Elder Care

We also provide Medical Interpreters for Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation cases, assisting clients with Independent Medical Examinations and Doctor / Physical Therapy appointments.

Our Professional Interpreters & Translators Are Ready to Assist You.

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Patients who are not fluent in English need Medical Translator assistance so that Quality of Care isn’t compromised. Medical Interpreters provide that assistance in two directions: by Translating information from Medical Professionals into the Patient’s native language, and back to the Medical Professionals from the Patient’s native language.

When communication improves between a Patient and a Medical Professional, the resulting outcomes are more favorable. Patients will better understand their diagnosis, their treatment options, the proper use of their medications, and are more likely to attend wellness visits and preventative testing. As a result, Patients have fewer adverse effects, which limits the recurrence of illnesses and reduces the risk of malpractice suits.

Patients will frequently rely on family, friends, or staff members for their Medical Interpreting needs, all of whom lack the experience of a Professional Medical Interpreter. Errors occur because the message may not be translated properly. Patient privacy is compromised, and may even result in information being intentionally withheld from the Medical Professional. The result is an increased likelihood of adverse outcomes, all due to the lack of a Professional Medical Interpreter.

Professional Medical Interpreters abide by HIPAA Laws, keep Protected Patient Information private, and facilitate effective communication by accurately conveying the important medical information a Patient needs to improve their Health and Quality of Life.

Universal Interpreting is HIPAA Compliant, and we utilize Secure, Encrypted Email systems to ensure the confidentiality of all Protected Patient Information (PPI / PII / PHI). To ensure HIPAA compliance, we maintain signed Business Associates Agreements in our files from our Professional Medical Interpreters and key vendors.

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ASL Interpreters

We provide Experienced American Sign Language Interpreters to assist the Deaf or hard of hearing communicate effectively, enabling professional and social interaction with those around them.

Language Interpreting

Spoken Language Interpreters are available for over 80 Languages. We provide Qualified, Experienced Interpreters for all your Language needs, and our Interpreters will come to your location.

Document Translation

We'll translate and transcribe your documents from any language into English, or from English into any other language. Written translation certifications are available upon request.

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