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Our Local Translators Provide Certified Document Translation of Medical Reports, Legal Papers, Business Contracts, Immigration, ID Documents, & More. All Documents Translated by Our Local Staff of Experienced Language Translators. 

Our Professional Interpreters & Translators Are Ready to Assist You.

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Our professional team of Document Translators and Localization Consultants are available to assist you with any of the following materials:

General Translations (Non-Specialized)

Translation and Localization of Non-Specialized Text. (General Purpose Business Forms, Personal or Business Correspondence, Marketing Materials, etc.)

Legal Translations (Judicial) / Government

Translation and Localization of Documents Related to the Rule of Law, Judicial Processes, or Government. (Contracts, Legal Rulings and Judgments, Depositions, Transcripts, Public Records and Notices, Legislation, Election Ballots and Forms, Immigration Forms, etc.)

Medical Translations

Translation and Localization of Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Healthcare Materials, Which May Require Specific Medical Knowledge and/or HIPAA Compliance Measures. (Medical Research Reports, Clinical Trials, Drug / Product Information or Labeling, Patient Medical Records, etc.)

Technical Translations

Translation and Localization of Specialized Text, Which May Require Specific Technical Knowledge to Translate. (Industrial / Engineering Manuals, IT Manuals, etc.)

Scientific Translations

Translation and Localization of Scientific Documents or Research Papers, Which May Require Advanced Knowledge of Specific Scientific Principals. (Research Papers, Notes, Proposals, Articles, Results, etc.)

Financial Translations

Translation and Localization of any Documents or Reports Related to Economic, Financial or Banking Activities (Contracts, Annual Reports, Shareholder Notices, Audit Reports, Prospectuses, Stock Offerings, Disclosures, etc.)

Official Records Translations

Translation and Localization of Official Documents, Usually Requiring a Written Certification and / or Notarization. (Birth Certificates, Marriage / Divorce Records, Death Certificates, Government Issued Personal Identification Documents, Passports, School Transcripts, Diplomas, etc.)

Certified Document Translations

We can provide you with a written Certification or Notarization for any Document Translation we perform, when requested in advance.

Contact Us now to request Document Translation Services or Media Localization Services from our experienced, qualified team of Language Experts!

Translation refers to the process of changing the original (“source”) language version of documents or media content into a different (“target”) language. Documents can be either printed or electronic copies (ebooks etc.), while media refers to things like websites, computer programs and mobile apps, or multimedia content (movies, podcasts, etc.). Translation is accomplished by substituting words and short phrases from the target language to the source language; no other content is modified.

 Localization encompasses much more than a language translation; it involves the process of adapting the original (“source”) content for use in a different region or culture. In addition to a translation of the language content, Localization might also include a review of items like: images, symbols, cultural dress, etiquette, societal norms and beliefs, humor, and even date, time, and units of measure. The goals of Localization are to maximize the appeal of the Localized content to a new target audience, while avoiding content deemed  embarrassing or culturally offensive. 

ASL Interpreters

We provide Experienced American Sign Language Interpreters to assist the Deaf or hard of hearing communicate effectively, enabling professional and social interaction with those around them.

Language Interpreting

Spoken Language Interpreters are available for over 80 Languages. We provide Qualified, Experienced Interpreters for all your Language needs, and our Interpreters will come to your location.

Document Translation

We'll translate and transcribe your documents from any language into English, or from English into any other language. Written translation certifications are available upon request.

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